It's time to get focused on what really matters again...

  • Are you so busy caring for others you have no time for yourself?
  • Do you feel disconnected from God and desire to be closer to Him?
  • Has a diffucult season left you in need of healing and restoration?
  • Could you use more direction to discover God's purpose for this season of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Matters of the Heart can help!


  • Thrive In Your Purpose
  • Connect Deeply With God
  • Skyrocket Your Relationships
  • Easily Memorize Scripture
  • Have More Time + Energy
  • Use Your Gifts to Bless Others

Take a Look Inside Matters of the Heart


If you commit to this challenge, here is what Matters of the Heart will do for you...

For those who commit to this challenge, here are some of the results you can expect:  

  • peace right where you're at
  • a fresh new love for God's Word
  • increased faith in God + restored hope
  • stronger relationships with those you love
  • a strong daily discipline of reading Scripture
  • healing in every area of life (mind/body/spirit)
  • the confidence and permission to be who God has called you to be
  • the strength + wisdom to rock your current season of life (and every season hereafter)
  • diving deep into the inner-parts of your heart so you can deal with hidden issues and work through them

About The Author

Hello, Friend. My name is Carlie Kercheval. I am a child of The King, blessed wife to Michael, and mom of three.  

I used to feel guilty for having less focused time to spend reading and memorizing Scripture due to the growth of our family and different seasons that life brought my way.  

The Lord quickly got a hold of my thinking and let me know that it wasn't how much time I spent in the Word that was important; rather it is doing what His Word says. This understanding freed me and I developed a way that I could easily stay immersed in His Word without feeling guilty or stressed.  

Now, in 5 minutes a day or less, I am not only memorizing God's Word, I am sharing the verses with the entire family and we are having a great time challenging one another to remember them!  

I am excited to be on this journey with you and here to encourage you that you CAN do this!


Matters of the Heart Bonus Pack 

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“Matters of the Heart provides a terrific format to both memorize and implement the Scriptures. Carlie shares her personal experience in an easy conversational tone – even while digging into some tough topics! Although she doesn’t pull any punches in discussing these struggles, each chapter is full of hope and victory through Christ. Carlie’s words opened my heart to God’s truth, allowing Him to show me where it needs to be applied in my own life. This devotional is for any woman who desires to walk closely with the Lord.”  

-Kelly Becton-

Matters of the Heart by, Carlie Kercheval


  • Matters of the Heart Devotional eBook KJV ($14 value)
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“The word of God is both practical and powerful, which is why I love Carlie’s Scripture Memory Challenge. Carlie strategically connects targeted scripture memory with 52 heart and life challenges we commonly face as women. The result is a transparent, relatable resource that equips us for true transformation through the word of God!”

-Arabah Joy-

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