Sister, are you tired of feeling disconnected from those you love most?

Do you desperately desire deeply connected relationships with God, your family, and friends?

Sister, I've been there more times than I can count.

It seems like yesterday I was feeling alone, hopeless, and wondering why my relationships with those I love most felt so distant.

One night while praying in 2011, the Lord told me that if I would begin to hide more of His Word in my heart, the feelings of loneliness and despair would be replaced with his peace and joy.

And that's when the Matters of the Heart 5-week Scripture memorization challenge for women was born!


This scripture memory challenge will help you develop...

  • deeper intimacy with God
  • stronger relationships with loved ones
  • a fresh new love for God's Word
  • the confidence and permission to be who God has called you to be
  • the strength to thrive in every season of life no matter what
  • healing from past hurts (mind/body/spirit)
  • the grace to deal with hidden heart issues and work through them


Hello, Friend. My name is Carlie Kercheval. I am a blessed wife of 22 years and a momma to three precious children. My heart is to help women be who God has created them to be while giving themselves love and grace at the same time. I created this challenge in 2012 and it has served more than 100K+ women around the globe since then! I am the best-selling author of Matters of the Heart: a 52-Week Scripture Memorization Challenge for Women.

I used to feel guilty for having less time to spend reading and memorizing Scripture due to the growth of our family and different seasons that life brought my way. The Lord quickly got a hold of my thinking and let me know that it wasn't how much time I spent in the Word that was important; rather it is doing what His Word says. This understanding freed me and I developed a way that I could easily stay immersed in His Word without feeling guilty or stressed.

My husband and I co-founded Marriage Legacy University™ and co-authored the best-selling couples devotional, Consecrated Conversations. Together we host The Praying Couple™ Podcast and reside with our children in a coastal town by the sea.

Hear from women who have gone through the challenge...

“I love this challenge's “do-ability”. Most of us are busy-birds and unfortunately, we use busyness as a excuse not to commit more Scripture to memory. At just one scripture a week, this makes it easy. No more excuses!” 

-Ngina O.

“I love Carlie’s Scripture Memory Challenge. Carlie strategically connects targeted scripture memory with heart and life challenges we commonly face as women. The result is a transparent, relatable resource that equips us for true transformation through the word of God.” 

-Arabah Joy

“As a busy mom of four, memorization scripture is a wonderful addition to my alone time with God. I love how practical it is, and the wisdom that it imparts. Any mom will benefit from this challenge.” 


“Being able to rattle off a few Scripture verses is nice, but if that’s all your Scripture memorization consists of you’re really missing out. This challenge is designed to help you grow deeper in faith—not just knowledge. Would definitely recommend!” 

-Brittany Ann

One Woman's Testimony of Hope After Tragedy

"Every week I look forward to scripture memorization. As I say each scripture slowly asking the Lord for each word to stay in my heart and mind then applying to my life has helped me with those negative thoughts that come to mind at times. My son (28 yrs old) committed suicide, devastating. Why, my son did what he did? How do I rejoice through this? How do I help my other children through this if I'm either crying or just quiet? How? Why? Where did I go wrong? So many questions I ask God. Then I bump into your web site, a God appointment with this challenge. I chew on each word thinking of what it means to me. God is showing me to trust Him for the plans that He has for me and children are for good. I do trust Him and will keep on memorizing scripture. Thank you Carlie!"