Goal Setting Planner for Couples

Goal Setting Planner for Couples

Because Great Marriages Don't Just Happen!

Do you desire to have a greater marriage? Are you and your spouse ready to delve into a deeper commitment with one another and take your relationship to the next level? If so, our goal setting planner for couples is just what you need!

Over the past 2 decades we have learned the role that setting goals together plays in our marriage. Great marriages don't just happen; you have to pray, plan, and work hard together as a couple to create the relationship you desire. 

With our Goal Setting Planner for Couples you can finally set and achieve goals for your marriage, finances, health, family, + more

And the best part? You can do it TOGETHER!  

3 Things to Help You Start Setting + Achieving Goals as a Couple

Our Goal Setting Planner for Couples will help you realize your Christ-focused marriage goals and give you the tools to achieve those goals through these 3 important processes:

Prayerfully Set Goals

Prayerfully setting goals has been one of the single most important things we have done as a couple. 

With God on our side, we've been able to accomplish things that we would have never dreamed possible!

And the best part? You can do it too!

Work Hard to Achieve Goals

Being willing to put in the hard work it takes as individuals and as a couple to achieve your goals is no easy feat. 

One thing is for sure: Hard work pays off! 

And hard work is the determining factor of goals realized (or not).

Evaluate Your Goals

One of the most important parts of setting and achieving goals happens when you look back over your goals at the end of the month and evaluate what you did right in order to achieve them. It is also imporant to look into why you didn't meet goals as well. Doing so gives you the ability to regroup and start again!

A Look Inside the Goal Setting Planner for Couples

What Can You Achieve with the Goal Setting Planner for Couples?

By using our Goal Setting Planner for Couples you can begin to take charge of your marriage and conquer the goals you've always wanted to achieve. Being intentional with your marriage goals will give you the ability to create a stronger marriage and become more successful in every area of your life. 

Because if our marriage is thriving, so are we.

If you are willing to put in the work, this little planner can literally transform your marriage.

Clear Focus

Our goal setting planner can help you identify exactly what you and your spouse want out of your marriage. Without a clear focus, you will get nowhere.


Use the goal setting planner to learn how to create powerful teamwork in your marriage. Even if you are a great team now, you can become even better!

Taking Action

Goals set without action will amount to nothing. Learn how to motivate one another through the specific planning process outlined in our goal setting planner.

Goals Reached

Use the goal setting planner to discover how to consistently reach your goals. Enjoy the success of achieving goals together year after year!

Grab Your Goal Setting Planner for Couples Today!

About the Creators

Mike + Carlie Kercheval

Mike + Carlie Kercheval have been married for nearly 2 decades and have 3 precious children. Mike + Carlie love to encourage married couples to live out their best marriage through a deeply connected relationship with God and one another. Together they founded Fulfilling Your Vows™ in obedience to the call on their life to help others build strong, Christ-focused marriages. 

They love to chat all things Jesus and enjoy helping others discover how to communicate well with God and their spouse. You can find them spending time together reading good literature and exploring the beautiful outdoors.