Are you and your spouse struggling in your communication with one another? 

Do you desire to pray with your spouse but it just doesn't happen? 

Or are you a couple that is doing fine in these areas but always looking to improve your marriage?

We can help! 

Join our FREE 5-week Prayer + Communication Challenge for Couples!

Hello! We're Mike + Carlie Kercheval from the popular Christian marriage website Fulfilling Your Vows™. We have been communicating well and praying together for nearly 20 years and are excited to share this FREE 5-week prayer + communication challenge with you! 

It is our desire to help you and your spouse (or spouse-to-be) learn to embrace the holy habit of communicating with God together in prayer -- along with communicating better with one another in the process!

Prayer and communication are two things that both of us are very passionate about and we are excited for the opportunity to pass along some of the things we've learned as individuals and as a married couple over the last two decades. Sound good? Great! Let's get to it!

Who Will Benefit From This Challenge?

We believe that anyone who is willing to put in the work will benefit from this challenge. Here are some specific situations we know will benefit:

  • couples that do not pray together
  • couples that are struggling to communicate well
  • divorcees looking to remarry one day
  • those married to a non-believer
  • couples that have good communication (because things can always be better)
  • couples that pray together (because having a clear focus can strengthen this area)
  • singles looking to have a godly, Christ-focused marriage from the start
  • engaged couples that want to start your marriage off God's way

Learn More About Us + Our Heart Behind the Challenge

During our FREE 5-Week Training You'll Receive...

Scripture Memorization Journey for Women

A Weekly Couple's Devotion + Prayer

Through lots of prayer we've come up with wonderful weekly devotionals and prayers for you + your spouse to work through. Each devotion and prayer is based upon the unique Scripture chosen for that week. God's Word is more powerful than a double-edged sword and we intend to use it for His good!

Weekly Marriage Videos |

Weekly Videos to Encourage + Equip You

We've prepared some videos to go along with the challenge that will help encourage and equip you and your spouse to live a life of prayer together. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons married couples posess and we are here to be certain you and your spouse are using this to the fullest! Let's glorify God in prayer!

Fulfilling Your Vows Prayer + Communication Challenge

Weekly Challenges to Build Your Marriage

Each week we provide actionable challenges for you and your spouse to work through. These are intended to create better communication in your marriage by digging deep into the heart of your marriage together. If taken seriously, these challenges will not only improve your marriage but will bring you both closer than ever to God!

We are so excited to help you and your spouse learn to incorporate the daily habit of praying together in your marriage! Don't forget to sign up for the challenge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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5 Days of Praying for Your Marriage

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