Do you desperately desire to connect with God and your spouse? 


 We've been there and can help you create the Christian marriage of your dreams.


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Christian marriages are failing every day due to a lack of intimacy with God; and ultimately each other.

Why not be the couple that chooses to thrive in your communication and experience God's design for your marriage?

Consecrated Conversations is your roadmap to get there. 

Through intentional Christ-focused conversations with God and one another, Consecrated Conversations will teach you and your spouse how to create the daily habit of immersing yourselves in holy communication. Even if you have past hurts from childhood, from previous relationships, or from your marriage, this devotional will give you the tools to work through them and come out on the other side...TOGETHER. And let's be real, this life-changing devotional is a lot cheaper than couples therapy!

Consecrated Conversations: 30 Devotions for Couples

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Here's the nitty gritty...

If you and your spouse are willing to put in the work, there are no limits to the holy, Christ-focused communication you can have with God and one another. By working through Consecrated Conversations, you will experience a Christ-fueled transformation in your marriage. 

Here are some of the many areas you will grow in while using this devotional:

Growing Closer to God + Your Spouse

Working through Consecrated Conversations will not only grow your personal relationship with Christ; it will also foster a greater three-fold cord. 

When a marriage is bound together by Christ, the closeness you experience is not of this world! As a matter of fact, it is down right holy and exciting!

Healing + Forgiveness in Your Marriage

Do you have past hurts that are affecting your marriage? 

We do, too. And we're happy to report that working through Consecrated Conversations can help you and your spouse gently walk through the healing (and forgiveness) process. 

We highly recommend taking your time to work through the devotions centered around forgiveness in order to achieve the best results.

Communicate Better with God + Spouse

As you and your spouse work through this devotional, you will find that your communication will improve quickly. Your communication will increase in every aspect of your marriage: body, mind, and spirit!

Remember that real change doesn't happen over night, and you must be in it for the long haul. 

Cultivating the Habit of Praying Together

Do you and your spouse need help establishing your prayer life together? If so, by the time you work through the 30 devotions in this book, you will have created the life-changing habit of praying with each other.

Not only will praying together increase God's anointing on your life and marriage, it will also show you the power of agreement when two like-minded individuals come together in prayer.

Increased Intimacy in All Areas of Marriage

Is your marriage struggling in the area of intimacy? It is a proven fact that when couples communicate well, they trust one another more. When trust is flourishing, so is life in the bedroom. 

And it doesn't stop there! You will see spiritual intimacy increase as well! Deeper spiritual connection? Yes, please!

Working Well Together as a Team

Because you and your spouse will be creating the daily habit of holy communication, your ability to work together as a team will exponentially grow.

You can't help but be unified in body, mind, and spirit when you are communicating well with God and each other. 

And the best part? Because God is the all-star player on your team, you know you are destined to WIN!

What Others Are Saying About Consecrated Conversations

"Over the years, my husband and I have shied away from couple's devotional for not being deep enough. Yet Consecrated Conversations has changed that for us! Each week, couples experience a Bible verse, a devotion rooted in biblical truths, and a prayer. My favorite part of this devotional is the "Converse + Reflect" section at the end of each week. It encourages couples to think and pray through certain aspects of their relationship and have the courage to work towards change together. Consecrated Conversations is a must read for marriages of all stages of life!"  

Sarah Ann Goode, Writer at Faith Along the Way

"Whether you've been married for years, or if you're newlyweds, this devotional will help you focus on God and grow together in your marriage. Each week you'll read a Scripture, a devotion, a prayer, and then you'll complete the action steps. These really set the devotional apart, as you take what you learn and put it into practice. If you are ready to deepen your relationship as a couple, this is a valuable resource for your marriage!"  

Rebekah Hallberg, Sharing Redemption's Stories

"We believe Consecrated Conversations is a powerful devotional that will be used to strengthen marriages around the world. Mike and Carlie use their talents and experience to give inspiration and practical tools to couples who want to empower and regenerate their relationship."

Andrew + Sara Elizabeth, Skill Trek

"Consecrated Conversations gives specific, powerful talking points (and action items) for any married couple seeking to grow closer to God and to each other. More than just a devotional to read together, Consecrated Conversations guides couples on how to have meaningful exchanges about key marriage topics so that they can enjoy a better, more fulfilled relationship."

Alicia Michelle, Your Vibrant Family

"Consecrated Conversations is a breath of fresh air for a marriage that is struggling. This solid resource gives couples a way to move forward together in the light of God's Word."

Danika Cooley, Thinking Kids

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this come in paperback or only as PDF/eBook?

This book is a high quality PDF eBook file. You can print it out and read it on any iDevice (it looks really good, too). 

Will this work for couples that have been married for a long time?

Yes! If you want to grow in the area of communication with both God and your spouse, this devotional is right for you. 

Should we do one devotional a day?

We actually don't recommend any specific timeframe. Rather we recommend working through each devotion until you are satisfied with the result.

Can engaged couples use this devotional too?

Yes, absolutely. This devotional would be a great way to start off marriage! It would also be a great gift for newlyweds, too.

About the Authors

Mike + Carlie Kercheval

Mike + Carlie Kercheval are college sweethearts and have been blessed with 3 precious children. They love to help married couples live out their best marriage through a deeply connected relationship with God and each other. Together they founded Christian Marriage Adventures™ in obedience to the call on their life to help others build thriving, lifelong Christ-focused marriages. 

You can find them spending time together reading good literature and exploring the beautiful outdoors.

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